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Returning from the void of life!

The icon kinda gives me away to y'all older players. XD

Ex-Malin/Chun-Li/Whip, and closing reinstated Chun-Li! Just a quick post before I get back on-MU*, to see if there's anything anyone thinks I should know about the last six months. Bear in mind I'm lame and have a /really/ easy job, by these powers combined I've read pretty much every log that's been posted to the website. And a few others courtesy of various LJs and stuff.

So... fire away. Or not. Or just wave and say 'omg' - it's all good.
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Welcome back! I think I only ever had one scene with you (Jacob fighting Whip in an SNF match. I'm pretty sure that was when you were Whip... >_>) but you definitely gave a good impression back then. Looking forward to having you back around! Not to mention that it'll be nice to have a fresh R5 for Kain to fight sometime... u_u
Yeah, that was me. And you totally pwned me!
Kain vs. Chun must be done, and soon. I need my vengeance! *shakes fist*
Yeah, you've gone and broke all the others. ;_;
Then Chun'll just have to teach him a lesson!
::waves and says 'omg'::
*waves to say hi*

Jiro Kasagi, Sakura's IC LJ buddy, NOT AN EMO... and Kain's student.
o/~ My life sucks, coz I gotta do my homework!
My girlfriend hates me, and life is pain!
Black black pain! o/~

I mean... hi! I think I knew you before, as someone else. Though we might never've actually RPed. I forget...
I was Isamu. I was never idle.

Isamu was my failure. e.e
Ohhh, yeah. I knew you were someone!
The icon should pretty much give it away who I am. :P

In any case, welcome back! Oh, and beware. D! is a monster now. ;)
I noticed! Thanks for the welcome - seeya at the weekend. ^^